Walnut Hill established the Ellison Circle to recognize the thoughtfulness of donors like you who make legacy gifts. The group was named after Beatrice J. Edgerly Ellison, Class of 1911, who made a gift of $1,184,000 from a charitable remainder trust. Since that time, membership in the Ellison Circle has grown to nearly 200 forward-thinking individuals who have made legacy gifts or informed Walnut Hill of their intention to make a gift. 

The legacy gift you plan today will create a solid foundation for Walnut Hill far into the future. Your gifts can support:

  • Financial AidEstate Planning Button
  • Named Programs
  • Department Chairs
  • General Endowment 
  • Any part of Walnut Hill that you hold dearest

Your donor intentions will be carefully stewarded. Thank you for your interest and support.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Ellison Circle.