“My two years at Walnut Hill changed my life. The teachers I had were excellent, especially Miss Wheeler and Miss Carpenter. My best friends then, Alice Burr Mobley and Martha Flynn Cunningham, are my dear friends today. I am grateful to Miss Gruber for pointing me toward Connecticut College. I loved Walnut Hill in 1963 and am proud of Walnut Hill today.”
-  Marcia Hunter Matthews ’63

The mission of Walnut Hill is to educate talented, accomplished, and intellectually engaged young artists from all over the world. We do so in a diverse, humane, and ethical community. Walnut Hill promotes five core values: Community, Creativity, Excellence, Growth, and Respect. Whether you attended Walnut Hill in the 1950s or the 2010s, the School has always been a welcoming and nurturing campus. 

Walnut Hill continues to produce amazing artists and prepares students for the college or conservatory of their choice. Your thoughtful legacy gift will allow for these students to continue to enjoy a high school experience like no other.